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Alameda Criminal Court Docket Roundup

The George E. McDonald Hall of Justice on Shore Line Drive in Alameda. (Google Street View)

The George E. McDonald Hall of Justice on Shore Line Drive in Alameda. (Google Street View)

A handful of notable events last year lead to police and district attorney investigations that continue on into 2016. Here is an update on some of them.

Stephen Petersen
Petersen became a media darling after he was wrongly arrested and accused of arson in 2014, related to a series of fires on and around Park Street. However, no sooner was he cleared of those charges than he was arrested on child pornography charges stemming from pictures found on his computer during the arson investigation. Petersen has another pre-trial hearing scheduled for next week, January 25th. He remains free on bail.

John Klein
Tenant activist John Edward Klein was arrested at Alameda City Hall on November 4th, 2015, following a confrontation in the hallway outside of council chambers during a city council meeting where rent control was being discussed. Klein has a court hearing today on charges of battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. He remains free on bail.

Bob Davis
Davis was the second tenant activist arrested at city hall on November 4th, accused of knocking the feet out from under city staffer Bob Haun and sending him to the hospital. The Alameda County District Attorney’s office advises that Davis has not been formally charged yet and the matter is still under investigation.

Augusta Collins Death
Local blues musician Augusta Collins was killed in September after being struck by a vehicle at an intersection near the Marina Village Shopping Center. Alameda police completed their investigation and referred the matter to the district attorney’s office on December 14th. Members of Collins’ family have protested at the accident location and complained that the driver of the vehicle hasn’t been charged yet. The district attorney’s office advised Action Alameda News that the matter is still under investigation.

Collins’ family members have also complained that the name of the driver of the vehicle hasn’t been published or released. In late November, Alameda police chief Paul Rolleri told Action Alameda News that Collins’ wife was provided with documentation that included the name of the driver. Action Alameda News is withholding publication of the driver’s name pending formal charges against him.

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