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Next Alameda Point Land Transfer From Navy to City of Alameda Expected in March

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The Navy is set to transfer the next batch of former naval air station parcels to Alameda, consisting of 183 acres of dry and submerged land.

At the February 2nd Alameda City Council meeting, that body will consider an item giving the City Manager the go-ahead to accept the next transfer of land at Alameda Point from the U.S. Navy.

In this so-called second phase conveyance, 183 acres of land, including the seaplane lagoon, would change hands in March of this year.

A phase one transfer of over 1,300 acres was completed in 2013.

The land is to be broken into 11 parcels with individual deeds, to enable the City of Alameda to assemble and sell parcels for private development. Some parcels will have restrictive covenants attached to prevent human contact with underground contaminants, the result of decades of military use.

Two acres of land will contain restrictions on land use, preventing residential units, hospitals schools or day care facilities from being constructed there. Roughly 7.5 acres of land will contain open petroleum sites, that the Navy is still obligated to clean-up after the conveyance.

According to the city staff report to council members, there will be at least two additional future conveyances of land at Alameda Point.

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