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USS Hornet Museum Starts STEM Transportation Program for Underprivileged Schools

USS Hornet Museum

USS Hornet Museum. (File photo.)

Next month, the USS Hornet Museum will launch a program intended to offset transportation costs for students at East Bay schools to take Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) field trips to the museum.

Established in collaboration with the federal Office of Naval Research and Delta Charter Bus, a total of 15 scholarships will be awarded by the museum on an annual basis over the next three years, for up to 50 students per school.

The program targets underprivileged Alameda, San Pablo, San Leandro, and Oakland schools.

“While the USS Hornet Museum offers outstanding education programs to engage kids and spark their interest in STEM, our location can present transportation challenges for some schools. We are thrilled to provide increased opportunities to bring kids from our local schools to this engineering marvel, especially students who otherwise might not be able to afford transportation costs,” said Charlotte Rodeen-Dickert, USS Hornet STEM Coordinator.

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