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AUSD Black Achievers Alliance Program Launches

Octavia, 7 and Lauren, 7 enjoy lunch at the Black Achievers Alliance meeting at Ruby Bridges school. (Action Alameda News)

Octavia, 7 and Lauren, 7 enjoy lunch at the Black Achievers Alliance meeting at Ruby Bridges school. (Action Alameda News)

More than 60 people from families and schools all across Alameda turned out at Ruby Bridges school today for the launch of Black Achievers Alliance, a program its creator described as a movement to celebrate the achievements that African-Americans have contributed to the community of Alameda.

Robbie Wilson, a program manager for Bay Area Community Resources, explained that Black Achievers Alliance, “is about looking at where we come from and not letting that be repeated, taking claim to our homes and knowing we are our child’s first teacher, so we can’t expect the world or even the school do all the teaching for us. We have to teach at home, and teach that what you see in the media is not our truth and we can rise above.

“Today we shared experiences of what we’ve been through, we did some African ritual, we had some allies come and share their experience, like if they have adopted a black child, and what they go through and how we can support each other for one community. Through all of the pressure and all of the things that happen every day, we still rise as a people. we let our kids know we are resilient and we are a strong people and we have value.”

Today’s event was just the beginning, Wilson said. She is planning a Juneteenth festival for Littlejohn Park which would include an honor roll presentation to recognize students for their academic achievements.

“A lot of the time in media,” Wilson said, “we don’t hear about the kids that are doing positive, we hear about the black kids whose pants are sagging or who get shot in the street. There are a lot of black kids that are doing good, making grade point level, and are not recognized.”

“Today we had an amazing time, I’m still in awe. It was more than I envisioned for our first event,” she said.

Wilson also thanked Alameda Unified School District superintendent Sean McPhetridge, and family involvement and community engagement co-ordinator Claudia Medina for their support of the program.

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