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Next Development Battle: Alameda Marina

Another development battle is brewing in Alameda, this time, over Alameda Marina. (Alameda Marina website)

Another development battle is brewing in Alameda, this time, over Alameda Marina. (Alameda Marina website)

The set-up is on for the next development battle in Alameda, this time, over Alameda Marina.

Under its lease with the City of Alameda for the marina, which runs along the Northern waterfront, between the shore and Clement Avenue, from Willow to Minturn, Pacific Shops, Inc. is committed to bringing forth a “higher value…mixed-use commercial and/or residential and/or industrial” development project for the site.

The lease calls for the tenant to invest no less than $10 million in an initial phase of the project, for demolition, construction, remediation, financing and soft costs.

The prospect of redeveloping the marina has raised the ire of local residents who have organized as “Save Alameda’s Working Waterfront” concerned about the loss of light industrial jobs and marina services.

The organization describes itself as “a group of your neighbors who believe the history, businesses and recreation that make up the Alameda Marina are more valuable to Alameda than the proposed development.”

The letters to Alameda City Council are starting to come in.

Amy Rose, of Alameda, wrote, “many residents and I would greatly prefer to keep the marina with its boatyard, marine and non-marine businesses (from sailmakers and submarine to hot rods, contractors and attorneys), its 250 well-paying jobs, and its welcoming boat services, versus still more cookie-cutter housing developments.”

Firing back against opponents, Bill Poland, Chairman of Pacific Shops, wrote, “our plans will dedicate approximately 75,000 square feet to maritime businesses and seek to retain the maritime jobs at the site, including some existing businesses. Additionally, we will maintain a similarly large Marina accommodating owners of modest size boats…Working within the current zoning for the property, a mixed use development project is the only financially viable plan to restore and redevelop the property.”

The letters are submissions for a March 1st city council meeting referral item submitted by Councilmember Frank Matarrese, requesting council to direct, “the City Manager to initiate revisions to the ordinances and code sections for mix-use zoning in the City of Alameda in order to aid retention of beneficial commercial uses within areas zoned for mixed use.”

More community input is expected.

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