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Second Reported Results of Alameda Rent Increase Survey

Last year, a new owner increased rents from 30% to 50% at 2019 Shore Line Drive, after they had been flat for several years.

Last year, a new owner increased rents from 30% to 50% at 2019 Shore Line Drive, after they had been flat for several years.

Action Alameda News has collected and processed additional rental increase data since the first reported results last September of a rent increase survey.

The summary of reported rent increases, below, scheduled to take effect in 2015 and 2016 is based on rental increase complaints submitted to the Rent Review Advisory Committee in the third quarter of last year, and data submitted via the Action Alameda News rental increase survey.

The data highlights a problem property, 2019 Shore Line Drive, which was the subject of at least 15 Rent Review Advisory Complaints last year.

Depending on whether or not tenants were willing to sign a month-to-month or six-month lease, they were hit by the new owners with a 30 percent or 50 percent rent increase; in addition, they were told they had to pay their own utilities going forward.

However, tenants at that property also reported that their rent had been unchanged for several years, or that they saw only single digit increases when they did receive a rent increase.

The data suggests a ham-fisted approach by the new owner to “catch up” on rent increases foregone by the previous owner.

Two tenants at 748 Lincoln Avenue filed complaints, each reporting a double-digit rent increase notice in 2015.

Previously, Crolls Garden Apartments was identified as a property with a number of rent increase complaints.

At that time, Alameda real estate agent and property manager Don Lindsey responded, writing, “I know for a fact that all the Crolls garden rents were negotiated down to 10 % increase as well as 1701 shoreline as well as surf side, 314 central. I talked to all those owners.”

Surfside Palm Apartments are at 324 Kitty Hawk Road, however, Action Alameda News received no data regarding rent increases there.

The Alameda Rents Coalition is working to gather petition signatures to meet a deadline later this month that would put a stringent rent control measure on the November ballot.

Rent Increase Survey Summary April 3, 2016

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