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Question Need For Additional Fire Equipment

Action Alameda News received a copy of this letter sent to Alameda City Council…

As a former staff member of the Oakland Fire and longtime resident of Alameda, I encourage you to question the purchase of additional fire equipment, for the following reasons; that is going to operate this equipment, the staff of Engine Companies who are shorthanded already. The Fire Dept. keeps asking for more equipment with no additional personnel to operate it, e.g., the fireboat (takes a fire company out of service), the heavy rescue vehicle (takes a truck company out of service to operate), the two proposed tank trucks (a better solution would be to have the street department supply tank trucks and the personnel to operate them) and with only seven total companies to begin with, why burden the department with additional equipment?

Additional equipment also requires larger facilities to house, larger training requirements and greater maintenance for their upkeep. It seems foolish not to make mutual aid agreements for this kind of probably-never-used apparatus, or to combine the Alameda Fire Department with Oakland or Alameda County Fire Departments, who already have this equipment.

— Michael M. Kelly

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