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School Officials Warn of Dangerous Rumored “Scavenger Hunt”

Encinal High School officials sent a late-breaking warning this evening. (Google Street View)

Encinal Junior and Senior High Schoolofficials sent a late-breaking warning this evening. (Google Street View)

In an evening e-mail, Encinal Junior and Senior High School principal Kirsten Zazo warned of a rumored, dangerous, “scavenger hunt” reportedly organized by high school students at both Oakland and Alameda schools.

In an e-mail to parents, Zazo wrote,

“Over the last 24 hours, we have received reports of a potentially dangerous activity that high school students in Oakland and Alameda have planned for later today and tonight.

“We do not know if this is a rumor or if it is true, but due to our deep concern for the safety of our students, we want to alert you to what we are hearing.

“According to the reports, high school students at several schools in Oakland and Alameda are planning a ‘Scavenger Hunt.’ As part of this hunt, students will earn points for filming themselves performing a variety of dangerous and illegal activities in different locations in the East Bay. These video clips will then be posted to social media.

“We believe engaging in this game poses grave dangers to our students’ physical safety. In addition, posting video of such behaviors poses risks to our students’ on-line reputations and academic and professional futures.

“Please take time today to talk to your students about these reports, the risks of engaging in this game, and their plans for later today and tonight.Please also know that the district office and the Alameda Police Department are aware of this issue and working closely with high schools in the area to alert families of these reports.”

Earlier today, the Alameda Police Department posted a similar warning to its Facebook page.

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