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City to Review Street Parking Permit Program Process

The City of Alameda will be reviewing it's approach to introducing street parking permit programs. (Google Street View)

The City of Alameda will be reviewing it’s approach to introducing street parking permit programs. (Google Street View)

The City of Alameda will review its process for creating street parking permit programs, and bring the issue back before city council in June.

City council voted on Tuesday to review a 2011 model that that requires parking permit areas to include six contiguous blocks or a minimum of 600 housing units, and be in close proximity to a commercial zoning district or major sources of automobiles in need of parking, such as schools, hospitals or offices.

Councilmember Tony Daysog brought the referral item before council, after talking to Bayport residents about their parking concerns. Residential areas that suffer spillover parking from the ferry terminals, and the stretches of Taylor Avenue immediately perpendicular to Webster Street are examples of other areas that may be considered for a permit program.

Eleanor Alberton, who has lived in the Bayport neighborhood for four years, and for the past two years has been the chair of the homeowners association parking committee told city council, “what’s happening with all this new development going on…things get really complicated when it comes to parking. It’s so bad on some streets in Bayport that people have moved out of the community. You have to really consider peoples needs, and people do use cars. I ride my bike, but I do need a car. When I have company, I really have anxiety as to whether they will have a parking spot or not.”

She that people have been parking trucks and other vehicles, and people from the Summerhouse apartments have been parking their vehicles, in Bayport on private streets that are to be reserved for owners and guests.

Police chief Paul Rolleri cautioned against growing a parking permit program beyond his department’s ability to enforce it.

City officials intend to solicit public input before implementing any changes.

2 comments to City to Review Street Parking Permit Program Process

  • Mickey Neull

    City Planner, intentionally approves new housing with insufficient parking under the belief that if the developers don’t provide enough parking people won’t buy cars. This is absurd. My neighbor has 5 cars and he doesn’t have sufficient parking for them. When I wanted to convert my large family home into two units I was initially denied a permit becaus I couldn’t provide two off street parking places for each unit. Big developers don’t go by the same rules as the rest of us.

  • Caroline Grace

    Stop building more homes, slow down the development, and consider future growth to commensurate with Alameda’s current residents, cars per residential unit, impact on schools, public safety, our visitors coming to our City. Traffic and accidents are increasing, so consider having the police staff to help enforce this permit proposal. Currently, the city makes enough money off of issuing parking tickets from residents forced to park on their own front lawns because they can’t park there due to too many cars belonging to one household or spillover from church services. We can only bike and walk so much. We deserve to not have keep paying for parking tickets, but if paying the parking permit fee, and someone still takes your parking space, how much will it cost us to remove that vehicle, who pays for that in the long run? I’d still have to park on my lawn, which ruins it or forced to walk long distance from my home after standing on my feet at work day or late night shift. I, too, don’t invite family or friends over anymore because of parking shortage. It was not this way 14 years ago when I first moved here. This seems complicated and doesn’t have to be. It’s simple, just stop building homes or re-zoning Alameda, i.e. slowly losing its Maritime/Naval history just to build more homes which cause more people with their cars, more traffic, more incidents to tend to with already low public safety staff to handle it. Hope a viable solution can be made by city council that can keep us all from losing a quality of life in Alameda, because we are losing it like our parking spaces.

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