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Alameda County June 7th Primary Returns

Polls closed at 8 p.m. in Alameda County tonight.

Updated Wednesday, Jun 8th, 7:30 a.m.
Polls closed at 8 p.m. in Alameda County tonight.

Polls closed in Alameda County at 8 p.m. tonight. Early returns are coming in.

With the Alameda County Register reporting 317 of 1,118 precincts, local Alameda attorney and former Alameda Vice Mayor Barbara Thomas is leading the race for Superior Court Judge seat #1, with 45 percent of the votes, compared to Scott Jackson, coming in second with 28 percent.

Measure AA, a $12 annual parcel tax is enjoying overwhelming voter approval with 73 precent of the votes counted so far in favor of the measure.

In the 9th District state senate race, Nancy Skinner leads Sandre Swanson with 49 percent of the votes compared to 31 percent. Skinner has enjoyed a significant financial advantage over Swanson in the run-up to today’s vote.

Democratic Party presidential contender Hillary Clinton leads the pack in Alameda County with 60 percent of the votes, compared to Bernie Sanders behind her with 39 percent.

With all 509 precincts reporting on Wednesday morning, Nancy Skinner has a substantial 14-point lead over Sandre Swanson, heading into November, with 47 percent of the vote compared to Swanson’s 33 percent.

In the three-way race for judicial seat #1, Barbara Thomas failed to secure a majority of votes, with all 1,118 precincts reporting. With 48 percent of the votes, she will go into a runoff in November against Scott Jackson, who ranked second with 28 percent of the votes.

And with all 1,118 precincts reporting, Bernie Sanders supporters shrunk Hillary Clinton’s lead in Alameda County to 53 percent of the votes, but still eight points higher than Sanders’ 46 percent.

1 comment to Alameda County June 7th Primary Returns

  • Leland Traiman

    Former Oakland City Council Member Marge Gibson Haskell’s name came up in conversation last night when we saw that in the race for state senate Nancy Skinner received 47.9% of the vote and Sandre Swanson received 29.8%, more than an 18% difference.

    When Haskell was, again, running for reelection in 1991 she found herself in the same position that Sandre Swanson is currently in. Haskell’s challenger had won 49% of the vote and, in a three person race, Haskell had received about 35%.

    A runoff was scheduled and Haskell could not get her name off the ballot however, Haskell, always a class act, conceded and did not campaign in the runoff saving everyone involved time, money and effort.

    Unfortunately, no one expects Sandre Swanson to follow this fine example of political sanity. At a time when money and energy should be going into defeating Donald Trump, Mr. Swanson’s personal ego and ambition are preventing him from displaying the wisdom and political grace of Marge Gibson Haskell and concede the election to fellow Democrat Nancy Skinner.

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