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Planning Board Session to Study Land Uses and Building Heights for Encinal Terminals

The planning board will review uses and building heights for the Encinal Terminals project at an upcoming meeting.

The planning board will review uses and building heights for the Encinal Terminals project at an upcoming meeting.

North Waterfront LLC, the developer for the Encinal Terminals site, has submitted a draft master plan for the site that includes buildings as high as 90 feet and 250 feet (22 stories), higher than the 60 foot limit for new buildings in the City of Alameda’s general plan. The planning board will hold a study session on the issue next Wednesday, June 22nd.

The draft master plan maps out lettered sub-areas for the roughly 22-acre parcel on the northern waterfront behind the Del Monte warehouse building.

The developer proposes that sub area K, on the northwest corner, would be slated for mult-family residential, retail, hotel recreational and office development with a maximum building height of 250 feet, or 22 stories.

Sub areas E, F, H, I and M would be similarly zoned, with a maximum building height of 90 feet.

Sub area B, along clement street, would be zoned for a maximum building height of 55 feet to support entertainment, restaurants, stores and warehousing uses.

Other areas would be limited to 40 foot buildings, or open space.

A preliminary recommendation from planning department staff would change building height limits for the parcel from 60 feet to 80 feet, and remove a restriction on the placement within the parcel of tall buildings.

Overall, the draft master plan proposes for the site some 589 housing units condominiums, townhomes, lofts, stacked flats, live-work units, and high-rise view residences, a marina with up to 160 boat slips and a harbormaster’s office, between 30,000 and 50,000 square feet of commercial/office and restaurant uses, and over three acres of waterfront-related public open space and parks.

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