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Alameda Tech Trek Raises Money To Send A Girl To Camp

Alameda Tech Trek raised $925 with East Bay Gives. (Still frame from Tech Trek video.)

Alameda Tech Trek raised $925 with East Bay Gives. (Still frame from Tech Trek video.)

Alameda Tech Trek raised enough money in small donations through East Bay Gives to send a student to camp.

Adele Aced, Chair of the Tech Trek committee for the Alameda branch of the American Association of University Women had hoped to raise about $6,000 last month through an East Bay Gives fundraising drive.

Aced told Action Alameda News that even though they fell short, raising just $925, she is still happy. “It is about enough to send one student to camp and so we are very pleased about that. This was our first time to have participated and we learned quite alot. We are hoping to be able to expand our outreach for next year and perhaps take better advantage of this opportunity,” she wrote by e-mail.

The Tech Trek program puts middle-school aged girls in summer camp with an all-woman team of local scientists and techies that leads the girls in science studies, field trips and experiments.

A prepared statement from East Bay Gives said the 2016 campaign increased the number of participating non-profit organizations by 38 percent over the previous year, and almost doubled the total number of donors, with total donations increasing by more than 55 percent.

Funds raised support organizations doing work in the East Bay in education, health, youth development and the arts.

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