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New Utility Board to Review Undergrounding Program

Alameda Municipal Power Office

A new Alameda Municipal Power board will meet this week with a focus on undergrounding overhead wires. (File Photo)

A new Alameda Municipal Power district nomination board will meet Thursday, with a focus on the utility’s undergrounding program, which moves overhead power and lines and equipment below ground.

The board is comprised of four members of the public, and one employee from the City of Alameda Public Works Department.

At Thursday’s 6 p.m. kick-off meeting at Alameda Municipal Power’s 2000 Grand Street office, the board will hear an overview of the undergrounding program.

The board is expected, in the coming months, to recommend districts within the city for having overhead power moved underground.

The board’s recommendation will go to a technical advisory committee for evaluation, after which the committee will make recommendations to Alameda City Council, which will make the final call.

Alameda Municipal Power expects to start construction in the approved districts in the 2018 fiscal year.

The public will have opportunities to participate in the process through surveys and a town hall meeting.

Roughly 50 percent of Alameda is currently served by underground power lines.

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