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Local Electoral Candidates Kick-off Election Season By Pulling Papers

The fall election season has kicked-off with the "pulling of the papers." (File photo)

The fall election season has kicked-off with the “pulling of the papers.” (File photo)

Election season has officially kicked-off now that candidates are pulling nomination papers from the city clerk’s office.

The city clerk sent out its first nomination period update yesterday, revealing that former Alameda city councilmember Lena Tam has pulled nomination paperwork to run for that body again.

Former school district trustee Mike McMahon has pulled papers to run for city auditor. Incumbent Kevin Kearney has not yet filed with the city clerk to hold the seat.

Likewise, Jeff Bratzler, a certified financial planner, seems set to break the “two Kevins” hold on the auditor and treasurer seats by challenging incumbent city treasurer Kevin Kennedy, who has pulled papers to keep the seat.

The two Kevins have run afoul of the local firefighters union in the past, and McMahon and Bratzler are reportedly favored by labor to be more acquiescent to public safety union demands.

The filing period for candidates is July 18 through August 11. Should an incumbent fail to file by August 11, voters shall have until August 17 to nominate candidates other than the incumbent for that incumbent’s office.

Candidates need to gather supporting signatures, file them with the city clerk’s office, and have the signatures check to be qualified.

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