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Three Candidates On File To Date For The Alameda School Board

Earlier this week the Alameda Unified School District announced a tentative contract agreement with the union representing office, technical workers and paraprofessionals.

So far, three candidates have filed with the county to run for the Alameda school district board. (File Photo)

So far, three new candidates are on file with the county registrar of voters in competition for three available seats on the Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees this November.

Anne McKereghan, Jennifer Williams and Ardella Dailey are in the running so far.

Of the current trustees, Barbara Kahn was elected in 2012 and, at age 87, may not run for a second term.

Philip Hu replaced Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer on the school board, after she was elected Mayor in 2014.

Gray Harris took Niel Tam’s seat after he died at the age of 69 in May of last year.

Neither Hu nor Harris yet appear in county records as in the running to keep their seats.

Last year, Anne McKereghan threw her hat into the ring to fill both Spencer’s and Tam’s seat, but was beat out by Hu and Harris. McKereghan is a real estate agent with Harbor Bay Realty.

Williams is an attorney who has served as a deputy City Attorney for the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office and who was appointed to Alameda’s Social Service Human Relations Board in 2012.

Dailey is a former superintendent for the district. Campaign disclosure statements show that in the first half of this year, Dailey raised $600 from former school board trustee Mike McMahon who is also her campaign treasurer. McMahon has pulled papers to run for city auditor.

In 2008, when Action Alameda News surfaced some $4 million in City of Alameda redevelopment funds in a school district housing fund and capital outlay fund, intended for low-cost housing for district employees and facilities upgrades, Dailey went on record saying, “to further clarify, as long as the funds remain with the city, we are not required to report it or keep track of it.”

A search of the Alameda County and City of Alameda websites produced no campaign financing data for either Williams or McKereghan, so far.

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