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Rent Control Measure Rebuttal Arguments Due To City Clerk Today

Release form for rent control ballot measure to add new signatures to rebuttal argument. (Gray Harris)

Release form for rent control ballot measure to add new signatures to rebuttal argument. (Gray Harris)

In a sarcastic missive sent last night, Alameda Unified School District trustee Gray Harris shared a copy of administrative paperwork related to ballot arguments for and against the Alameda Renters Coalition November 8th rent control ballot measure.

Harris, appointed to the school board last year, sent the photo which accompanies this article, which shows a release form that ballot argument signators must sign when filers wish to have different people sign rebuttal arguments. Harris copied East Bay Citizen reporter Steven Tavares on the e-mail.

Initial “for” and “against” arguments were submitted to the city clerk’s office last week, and rebuttals are to be submitted today.

Insinuating that Action Alameda News falsely reported the means by which it received court documents related to past bankruptcy filings by two Alameda Renters Coalitions spokespersons, Harris wrote, “since you seemed interested in the rent topic, I thought I would send you this directly so that you don’t have to claim that someone dropped it off on your doorstep in an unmarked envelope.”

With the filing of the release for rebuttal argument form, three names will be replaced on the rent control proponents’ statement due today: Catherine Pauling, of the Alameda Renters Coalition, Harris’s name, and Jeff DelBono, president of the local firefighters union and Harris’s partner.

Action Alameda News will publish rebuttal arguments from both sides once they are available from the city clerk’s office.

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