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District Board To Get Back To School Report

Earlier this week the Alameda Unified School District announced a tentative contract agreement with the union representing office, technical workers and paraprofessionals.

Total Alameda Unified School District enrollment is up slightly this year, based on projections. (File Photo)

Total enrollment in local schools is projected up slightly, to 9,436 students, based on a back-to-school presentation for the Alameda Unified School District governing board.

District staff are projecting total enrollment to be up by 181 students, over last year’s enrollment of 9,255.

A school-by-school breakdown of enrollment won’t be available until the board meeting on the 23rd, one day after the start of school.

Enrollment policies for over-subscribed schools have changed this year.

Prior to the current school year, students used to be enrolled into their home school and re-directed to another school if their grade level is over enrolled after the start of school.

Under the new policy, if the school appears over enrolled on paper, the family is told the grade level is over enrolled, and they are provided with options for schools that appear to have space, and the family is redirected to one of the schools that has space.

Students who are diverted from their home school will be offered the chance to return if space becomes available; priority will be determined based on enrollment date.

Full details on enrollment policies, staffing levels, and summer facility upgrades are available in the staff presentation, included below.

FINAL Back to School Report 8-23-16 by Action Alameda News on Scribd

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