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Reader Questions Ninth Avenue Street Repair

Concrete hardens on Ninth Street. (Reader photo)

Concrete hardens on Ninth Street. (Reader photo)

A reader sent in the photos that accompany this article, asking about repair work-in-progress on Ninth Street in the vicinity of San Antonio Avenue.

First, the work is taking longer than reportedly indicated by the “No Parking” signs which suggested it would be completed August 19.

Reported gaps in the road surface and changes in elevation from the road to curb could potentially cause safety hazards for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Liam Garland, City of Alameda deputy director for public works told Action Alameda News, “this repair is a part of our annual street resurfacing program as described here. The concrete has to set for a few days to harden before the asphalt is installed sometime between August 31 and September 6. Residents were notified of the work in late July, and no-parking signs went up 72 hours in advance of the work starting.”
ninth-street-repairs-8-25-16 (4)

ninth-street-repairs-8-25-16 (3)

ninth-street-repairs-8-25-16 (2)

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