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Blue Angels Return For Fleet Week

A member of the Blue Angels takes-off from Oakland Airport's North Field, October 10, 2015. (Action Alameda News)

A member of the Blue Angels takes-off from Oakland Airport’s North Field, October 10, 2015. (File photo)

Oakland airport will host the Blue Angels again this year for Fleet Week 2016, kicking-off in just a couple days.

The announcement comes just days after reports that a US Navy investigation released a report concluding that the June, Nashville, Tennessee, death of Angel pilot Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss was due to pilot error during a maneuver.

The Blue Angels will again use Oakland International Airport as their base for Fleet Week 2016. The Port of Oakland announced that in addition to the Blue Angels, the airport will host additional Fleet Week participants, including United States Air Force aircraft, other performance teams and aerobatic planes, and France’s Breitling Jet Team.

The week-long airshow runs during the first week of October, and airport officials are reaching out to neighboring communities and residents about the week’s unusual flight activity and possible noise impacts.

Port of Oakland officials say they are working with the Blue Angels and the Federal Aviation Administration to minimize noise by using the airport’s main commercial runway at South Field as much as possible.


  • October 2, 6:00 pm Blue Angels arrival (South Field, Main Runway)
  • October 3, 9:30 am-1:30 pm Media flights (South Field, Main Runway)
  • October 6, 1:00-5:00 pm Airshow practice (North Field)
  • October 7, 1:00-4:00 pm Airshow flights (North Field)
  • October 8, 12:30-4:00 pm Airshow flights (North Field)
  • October 9, 12:30-4:00 pm Airshow flights (North Field)
  • October 10, 10:00 am Blue Angels departure (South Field, Main Runway)

Concerns can be reported to the airport’s noise hot line at (510) 563-6463.

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