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Gibbons Drive Sidewalks To Get Some Love

Uprooted sidewalk along Gibbons Drive. (Google Street View)

Uprooted sidewalk along Gibbons Drive. (Google Street View)

City officials are digging into what can be done to fix sidewalks along Gibbons Drive which have long felt the pressure of the roots from the trees that contribute to the character of the Fernside neighborhood.

Matt Jennings of the Fernside Homeowners Association told Action Alameda News that roots from the liquidambar trees have been damaging the sidewalks for decades, as source of complaints and trip-and-fall injuries and lawsuits.

Last week, Jennings said, a city engineer and an arborist walked a couple blocks of Gibbons to make an assessment.

“The city engineer reported that radar analysis was conducted on four of the trees to assess root placement and size. The results suggested that trimming the roots would not be a ideal option, as it could impact the stability of the 85-year old liquidamber trees lining Gibbons Drive,” he said.

City officials are to take a fresh look at a long-term solution to fix the sidewalks while maintaining the trees, including studying other cities’ approaches.

Jennings expects to have proposals from the city over the coming weeks to circulate among Fernside residents.

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