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Planning Board to Review Alameda Point Site A Park Plan

Almost 15 of 68 acres of Site A at Alameda Point are slated to be parkland.

Almost 15 of 68 acres of Site A at Alameda Point are slated to be parkland.

On Tuesday, the City of Alameda Planning Board will review a proposal for one of three parks planned for the 68-acre Site A at Alameda Point.

A total of 14.8 acres of parks are planned for Site A, comprised of three “park districts”: the “Neighborhood Park District”, the “Waterfront Park District”, and the “Urban Park District.”

The long, thin, 1.35-acre Neighborhood Park is planned for active recreational and community uses adjacent to residential areas, such as children’s play areas and “tot lots,” a basketball half-court, and other open space and recreational facilities.

City officials expect the park to have space for thematic play structures, a basketball half-court, a game area, a bicycle trail and a large-scale central lawn for events and gatherings.

A low water, relatively low maintenance, landscape plan is intended to save water.

The park will be maintained by the Recreation and Park Department, which will still review and approve landscape and equipment specifications.

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