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School District Claims Victory While ARC Licks Wounds

Earlier this week the Alameda Unified School District announced a tentative contract agreement with the union representing office, technical workers and paraprofessionals.

Voters approved a school parcel tax extension on Tuesday. (File Photo)

School district officials claimed victory in a press release yesterday after unofficial election results showed it’s parcel tax extension, Measure B1, was approved by 73.9 percent of Alameda voters.

The victory, however, puts the district at risk of another legal challenge from the fair tax group that successfully sued over 2008’s Measure H, and say that the $7,999 annual tax cap, which benefits large building owners, creates an unequal tax structure in violation of state law.

Assuming its not undone in the courts, the extension runs through June of 2025.

Of two rent control measures on the ballot, the most severe, Measure M1, sponsored by the Alameda Renters Coalition, was solidly rejected by Alameda voters, after a steady of barrage of mailers from local opponents and the California Apartment Association, with 66.4 percent voting against it.

Measure L1, an affirmation of less severe rent control measures enacted by city council earlier this year was approved by voters with 55.6 percent of votes cast in favor.

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