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College of Alameda Announces Alameda Promise Initiative

custodians, maintenance, and food service employees

The College of Alameda has announced a free tuition program for local school district students. (File Photo)

The College of Alameda has announced its “Alameda Promise Initiative,” which, with support from the Alameda Unified School District, provides free college tuition for high school graduates.

The program provides the first year of college tuition for free to local school district graduates, a voucher for textbook purchases during that first year of enrollment, and intensive academic and counseling support to assist students with the transition to university.

The purpose of the program is to increase the the percentage of high school graduates within the city of Alameda who enter college and deepen the connection between the College of Alameda and local residents.

To support AUSD high schoolers who wish to attend CoA, Alameda Promise organizers plan to:

  • Create information and facilitate outreach on the value of community college education
  • Offer registration and financial aid workshops at AUSD school sites
  • Work with AUSD to recruit students who thought college was out of reach so more students can avail themselves of post-secondary education in their local community college

All Alameda school district seniors will receive letters about the initiative within the next few weeks, as well as instructions on how to participate.

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