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Council Referral Item for Acquiring Bay Farm Land to Complete Shoreline Park

Strip of land on edge of Harbor Bay Business Park.

Strip of land on edge of Harbor Bay Business Park.

Alameda city council will consider a referral item from the Mayor on Tuesday, calling for a report on the feasibility of the city acquiring a small strip of land on Bay Farm Island to complete the shoreline park.

The city has an option to acquire the 0.33 acre parcel along the south waterfront from Habor Bay Isle Associates.

According to the referral item, “an existing asphalt trail on the parcel is used by the public, but the width is less than the standard for designation as part of the San Francisco Bay Trail. Taking ownership would allow for potential widening of the trail and other landscape improvements for enjoyment by the public.”

Regarding the potential acquisition, Patrica Lamborn of Alameda told Action Alameda News, “My question is: can we complete Shoreline Park and clarify and preserve public access on the Shoreline?”

Lamborn, along with many Alameda residents, including business owners and residents of Bay Farm Island, are asking city council to investigate acquiring the strip of land.

The regular city council meeting starts at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at City Hall.

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