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Alameda Municipal Power to Install Smart Meters

Alameda Municipal Power Office

Alameda Municipal Power will install smart meters. (Alameda Municipal Power office – File Photo)

As part of a larger electrical grid transformation effort, Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) plans to replace existing electric meters with smart meters.

The program, called Energy inView, includes the meter upgrades and promises faster restoration of power outages and robust data to help customers manage and understand their energy usage.

Starting in April, the utility’s meter-installation contractor, Professional Meters, Inc., will begin installing the smart meters. These new meters, capable of two-way communication between customers and AMP, will replace the traditional analog meters that were the industry standard for more than 70 years. AMP expects to complete meter installations for residential and commercial customers throughout the island by December. Customers will receive notification prior to their scheduled meter upgrade.

A media release from Alameda Municipal Power outlines the following benefits of the inView program:

  • A greener process — Smart meters will send usage information wirelessly to AMP, eliminating the need for AMP to access customers’ properties each month. Fewer vehicle trips will mean fewer greenhouse-gas emissions in Alameda.
  • Faster outage restoration — Smart meters will report outages via an electronic signal to AMP. That means customers won’t need to call AMP to report an outage, and AMP will be able to restore power more quickly.
  • Potential new rate options — The new technology will allow AMP to create potential new rate options that may benefit customers’ wallets.
  • New mobile options and account-management tools in the future — AMP is developing new mobile options and account-management tools that will allow customers to pay their electric bill from any device, anywhere, and anytime. Customers will be able to sign up for text alerts on how much energy they’re using or when their bill is due. Plus, they will have the option to track their energy use for every hour of the day.

Installation of smart meters will be paid for by capital improvement monies and funds from the short-term sale of AMP’s renewable energy credits.

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