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Water Rates Set to Go Up 19 percent Over Two Years

EBMUD is set to increase water rates by 19 percent over two years. (Google Street View)

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) is set to approve rate increases that will see water rates go up 19 percent over two years.

The utility’s board of directors will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, July 11th, in Oakland, to consider a proposal to increase water rates 9.25 percent effective July 12th, and 9 percent effective July 1, 2018, compounding to a 19 percent rate increase over two years.

Sewage treatment rates will go up 5 percent each of those two years, for a compounded two-year increase of 10.25 percent.

A residential user with average consumption of 200 gallons of water per day would see a monthly increase of $4.34 this year and $4.63 next year, for water service. The average residential user would see a roughly dollar-per-month increase in each of the two years.

Residents can submit written protests against the increase, but the chances of stopping it are low, absent an organized effort to get a majority of EBMUD customers to submit protests.

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