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Lum Parents Rally Before School District Board Meeting

Engineering model of Lum buildings, provided by Cailin Smith, P.E. (Action Alameda News)

Lum parents rallied this evening at city hall before the Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustee meeting, during which the board will decide the fate of their school.

The district shocked the community last month when it declared Lum elementary school unsafe, and proposed closing it after this school year ended.

Walking into the meeting, just minutes before the scheduled start time, school district superintendent Sean McPhetridge said he didn’t have time to make a statement, but Action Alameda News spoke with Joe Keiser of the parent group fighting to keep the school open, and an engineer, Cailin Smith, that group has brought in to provide the district with alternatives.

2 comments to Lum Parents Rally Before School District Board Meeting

  • Deb Balot

    Thank you again for the coverage – in the past 29 days I have witnessed first hand – POWERLESS to the People. The process that took place beginning April 26th to May 23rd is unacceptable and AUSD should continue to be held accountable for their decision. I hope that a movement occurs where POWER can come back to the People because it is lacking here.

  • Good job reporting. Best wishes community and school board on peacefully engaging each other and finding a community approved solution which is proven by the engineers to be safe.

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