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Transportation Management Association Aims to Tackle Congestion

Alameda Transportation Management

Alameda TMA Board Members from left to right: Doug Biggs of Alameda Point Collaborative, Michael O’Hara of Tim Lewis Communities, Wayel Fare of Wind River, Erin Fisher of Marina Shores Homeowners Association, Joe Ernst of Alameda Point Partners, and Andrew Thomas of City of Alameda. Not Pictured include Board Members: Lance Winters of St. George Spirits and Jennifer Ott of City of Alameda. (Photo: City of Alameda)

The newly launched Alameda Transportation Management Association aims to tackle the increasing challenge of getting residents on and off the island in the face of continued housing growth.

Formed by the City of Alameda and property owners – un-named in a City of Alameda press release – in the Northern Waterfront and Alameda Point neighborhoods, the Alameda TMA provides and pays “for transportation services in the Northern Waterfront and Alameda Point.”

The organization also pays for increased frequency on AC Transit’s Line 19, which runs through the Northern Waterfront area to the Webster and Posey tubes.

Project area committees focused on Alameda Point and the Northern Waterfront areas will work on the specifics of those neighborhoods.

The association is to launch a new website with more information later this summer.

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