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Coffee Shop Laptop Thefts Grind On

alameda laptop thefts

Alameda has seen a rash of laptop thefts at coffee shops in July. (Google Street View)

The month of July has proven increasingly unsafe to take out a laptop at local coffee shops.

On July 18, two suspects stole two laptops from victims at the Park Street Starbucks location.

Asked about that event, and the modus operandi, Lieutenant Hoshmand Durani of the Alameda Police Department told Action Alameda News, “There has been several incidents of laptops being stolen. The M.O. is that the suspect(s) either grabbed the laptops off the table while the victims were seated at the table, or grabbed the laptop when the victim walked way to use the restroom. The suspect(s) did not use any force and fled with the laptops. These all have occurred around 9 pm and have taken place at Starbucks on Park St and Atlantic Ave. These are still open investigations.”

And then, over the weekend, KRON reported that a teen suspect had directly robbed a patron at Starbucks on Atlantic Avenue of his laptop.

KRON News Video

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