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Alameda Point Tenants Hit With Transportation Fees

Building 91 at Alameda Point. (City of Alameda photo from files.)

Tenants at Alameda Point last week were noticed by the City of Alameda of new fees starting in 2018 to pay for a transportation plan.

The program, based on a 2014 Transportation Demand Management plan, is expected to cost $310,000 next year, funded primarily by fees levied on Alameda Point tenants.

Transportation services, aimed at encouraging Alameda Point visitors and employees to use alternative modes of travel, such as taking transit, carpooling, biking and walking, include:

  • Dockless Bike Share – initial plan for 200 bikes at numerous locations within Alameda Point and Main Street Ferry Terminal;
  • Branded Electric Vehicles – Electric vehicles with a branded look that run between the Ferry Terminal and Alameda Point on the weekends for visitors and additionally, between the Webster Street transit hub and retail district during the weekdays for employees;
  • EasyPass Program – Access to discounted AC Transit bus passes for all local and Transbay buses for employees;
  • Subsidized Carpooling – An arrangement with Waze and/or Scoop to subsidize employee and resident trips to and from Alameda Point using these carpool services;
  • Information and Marketing – A new website, information materials for new employees and a transportation awareness campaign.

Tenants are being levied fees on a scale that increases over the next three years and varies on their building use:

2018: $0.01/month/sf
2019: $0.014/month/sf
2020: $0.023/month/sf

2018: $0.02/month/sf
2019: $0.024/month/sf
2020: $0.033/month/sf

For a tenant leasing a large building of 100,000 square feet or more, such as the Bladium, the monthly fee will add $1,000 per month or more of additional cost.

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