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Residents Concern About Traffic Has More Than Doubled Since 2008

alameda community survey

A poll conducted by the City of Alameda shows that residents concerns about traffic have doubled since 2008. (File photo)

A survey conducted by the City of Alameda shows that residents concerns about traffic have more than doubled since 2008.

The survey was conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz and Associates, and was conducted July 20th to July 23rd.

Some 600 randomly selected Alameda voters were interviewed. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4.0% and a 95% confidence interval. (In the past, EMC Research of Oakland has told Action Alameda News that it generally conducts political polls with sample sizes of 1,000 to provide a lower margin of error.)

Among other issues, participants were asked questions about traffic, housing, marijuana policies and potential tax measures.

Housing costs and traffic congestion were the top two concerns; 47 percent of those surveyed said that “too much growth and development” was an extremely serious or very serious problem, up from 38 percent as measured by a 2015 survey.

Concern about crime has increased since 2015 as well, but more than twice as many people, 60 percent, said that traffic and congestion was an extremely serious or very serious problem, compared to 27 percent in a 2008 survey.

Sarah Henry, public information officer for the City of Alameda, told Action Alameda News, “this quality of life survey is done every few years, with most of the questions the same so we can track responses. This year we added a few additional questions, including cannabis, a new animal shelter, restoring the Carnegie, and lowering the City’s unfunded liability for pensions.”

Belief that Alameda is headed in the right direction has deteriorated over the recent three polls, with 61 percent saying the city is headed in the right direction in 2008, 59 percent agreeing in 2015 and 57 percent in agreement this year.

Some 25 percent of respondents said Alameda is off on the wrong track in the current poll, compared to 22 percent in 2008 and 2015.

Those surveyed ranked as priorities maintaining police and fire response times to violent crimes and emergencies, and maintaining city streets, parks and storm drains to prevent flooding.

The full report on the survey is included below.

Alameda Community Survey – Final Public Report by Action Alameda News on Scribd

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