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LimeBike Bike Sharing Launches In Alameda

limebike sharing in Alameda

LimeBike shared bikes are now available in Alameda.

Dock-less, shared, LimeBike bicycles are now available in Alameda, as of Thursday.

LimeBike’s pay-as-you-go rides cost $1.00, or 50 cents for students, for a 30-minute ride.

The bright green LimeBikes are GPS and 3G-enabled; riders find, unlock, and ride off on a nearby bike using the iPhone iOS or Android smartphone LimeBike app.

When the ride is finished, riders simply lock the bike’s back wheel and responsibly park between the pedestrian-designated sidewalk area and the street curb, or at a bike rack.

The City of Alameda is entering into a non-exclusive agreement with LimeBike for a six-month pilot program. At the end of the pilot, city officials will consider adjusting or extending the program.

According to officials, unlike traditional station-based bike share systems, there are no costs to the city for implementing or operating this program.

Some 300 LimeBike bikes will be available throughout the island.

LimeBike has provided the introductory discount code “EASTBAYLIME” providing riders with their first five rides for free.

Adults are encouraged to bring their own helmet, and everyone under 18 is required by law to wear a helmet.

4 comments to LimeBike Bike Sharing Launches In Alameda

  • Bill

    The bikes were at the annual Bike for the Parks Community Bike Ride today at Washington Park. Looked great !

  • carol

    But you have to own a smartphone. Another perk only for the liberal elite.

  • carol

    It already costs me almost $100/month just to get Comcast cable TV so I can watch about 20/300 channels. Doesn’t having a smartfone mean I need an internet connection, that I have to pay for, since our city council decided recently that island-wide free wi-fi was NOT IMPORTANT? Of course–not to them. They can all afford pay internet.
    I have been following for over a year. If only I was poor enough to qualify for food stamps, I could get a free phone and discount service. But like many middle-class people, I fall in the middle between not poor enough to qualify for help and not rich enough to afford luxuries like smartphones. Given how much they cost and the rest of my budget, smartphones are a luxury. I have a flip phone. It is all I need. I should not need to get a new phone to use a bike. I will stay in my car, thank you. And don’t you liberals dare yell at me to get out of my car and ride a LameBike.