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Art in City Hall Pilot Program Launches

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The City of Alameda is launching a pilot program to display art in City Hall. (File photo)

Earlier this month, Alameda City Council approved a pilot program to display art in City Hall, creating exhibition opportunities for local artists and arts organizations.

Art will be shown in two galleries, on the first and third floors of City Hall. Each gallery will feature four displays per year.

“I have always appreciated and admired Alameda’s talented artist community – along the with the beautiful and historic City Hall building. When I became Mayor, I saw the blank walls inside City Hall and thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could showcase our local artists! I am so happy after working with staff that we are now launching this program,” remarked Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer. “The public is welcome to visit City Hall anytime, and now there will be wonderful exhibits to view throughout the year.”

The city is accepting exhibition applications now.

The program’s initial two exhibits will be installed on January 12, 2018.

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