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Should backyard farmers be permitted to kill dogs that attack chickens? Action Alameda News would like to hear from you.

Reject AUSD Tax Measure that Subsidizes Private Development

A letter from Action Alameda News publisher David Howard.

For those whose heads were left spinning by the enthusiasm with which the school board majority (Spencer opposed) gave away $4.6 million in cash for $1.95 million in return, here is some context.

City officials know that voters would never approve a tax increase [...]

AUSD Giving Away Valuable Property in Land Swap Deal

Dear Editor,

Regarding the AUSD/City of Alameda/Housing Authority land swap deal:

All parties involved met multiple times for months behind closed doors to develop this deal with no public involvement or transparency and announced the deal only last week. AUSD and city employees have presumptuously represented the deal as if it were already approved prior [...]

We Got This One Wrong

Dear Editor,

City Management apologizes to the business community for the way in which the Business License Tax Audit was conducted. We heard from many of you and want you to know we listened. As a result of your feedback, we have decided to discontinue the business license audit program through Municipal Auditing Services (MAS). [...]

Despite Public Opposition, Lena Tam Vows Alameda Will Have License Plate Readers Before She Leaves Office

Dear Editor,

Remember this the next time her name appears on a ballot [like for the BART Board in the upcoming election]

At the Alameda, City Council meeting of Tuesday 4 Feb 2014, at about 10:30 pm during “Council Communications”, Councilwoman Lena Tam announced the results of Alameda’s Public Forum on ALPRs [Automatic License Plate [...]

Minding the Store – Assistant City Manager Elizabeth Warmerdam

Assistant City Manager Elizabeth Warmerdam (Courtesy photo)

Last week, the City released its unaudited fourth quarter financial report for Fiscal Year 2012/13 on all City funds. I thought I’d share the numbers. Over the past year, staff projected the City to be in the red. We anticipated that we would take in approximately $71.1 million [...]

Backyard Slaughter Unhygienic

Dear Editor,


It’s [backyard slaughter] not hygienic because regulation will NOT happen; it’s dangerous because of communicable diseases, again because REGULATION WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE.

And when slaughter happens it will be inhumane and as a result will create a disturbing noise pollution that will be distressing to listen to. Ever heard [...]

Opposition to Neptune Beach Housing Project

Action Alameda News received a copy of this letter address to City of Alameda Planning Manager Andrew Thomas, regarding the Neptune Beach Project and the Environmental Impact Report…

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I believe the time has come and gone for public comments but I still want to make my opinion known on this subject. I [...]

Sales Tax Deficit Front and Center for City Officials

Dear Editor,

Last week, the City Council voted to implement Alameda’s first 2 year budget. This was an important step for the City. A 2 year budget encourages more prudent revenue and expense projections as finance staff is forced to look further into the future when putting those projections together. Having a 2 year cycle [...]

City Budget is an Easy Target

Dear Editor,

City Budget Is Easy Target

It’s budget time at City Hall which means Alameda’s budget team is diligently finalizing our financial plan for the next two years. It’s also time for some regular nay-sayers to take pot shots at City Hall. These critics insinuate that your city’s staff is corrupt. They proclaim that [...]

Concerns About Backyard Farming, Slaughter

(Editor Note – italics and capital letters are reflected as they appeared in the original submission.)

Dear Editor,

It is a Pandora’s Box, having livestock in backyards of Alameda. The irony is that I abhor factory farming and am a huge advocate for small farms. But we will have some residences with livestock being raised, [...]


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