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Should backyard farmers be permitted to kill dogs that attack chickens? Action Alameda News would like to hear from you.

Council’s Diversion of Measure WW Park Funds

by Dennis Green

Sadly, the City Council of Alameda, including two members, Mayor Beverly Johnson, who sits on the Boys & Girls Club Advisory Board, and Marie Gilmore, whose husband is also a member of that advisory group, voted 3-2 to grant $2 million of WW Park District funds to the Club. These two [...]

The Common Good

by Dennis Green

The common weal, the commonwealth, community, the common good. We struggle to balance this virtuous goal off against the equally virtuous goal of private property and individual rights. As a libertarian, I tend to believe that much mischief is done in the name of the public good, mischief which actually enriches and [...]

Where Our Tax Dollars Go

by Dennis Green

If you’re a senior citizen, a geezer like me, living on a limited retirement income, you wonder where your tax dollars go. Even in a city of some 73,000 souls like Alameda, many millions are collected each year in sales tax, property tax, parcel taxes, income from parking fees and traffic tickets, [...]

What the Election Means to Alameda

Now that the results are in, we know what sort of change to expect at the presidential level of government in these United States of America. We have elected a leader who promises to heal the old rifts, to show genuine compassion for the poor and middle class workers of America, to tackle immigration and [...]


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