Call for Interviews

Should backyard farmers be permitted to kill dogs that attack chickens? Action Alameda News would like to hear from you.

Sierra Club Passes Resolution Supporting Complete Restoration of Contaminated Property at Alameda Point

Earlier this week, the Sierra Club passed a resolution supporting complete restoration of contaminated property and creation of a national wildlife refuge at Alameda Point.


SunCal Plan Up For Review Wed. January 7th

This week at Alameda City Hall, on Wednesday January 7th at 7pm, Alameda City Council sitting as the Alameda Re-use and Redevelopment Authority will review SunCal’s final master draft plan for Alameda Point.


Density Bonus Law Ordinance up for Continuance Tonight

At the November 10th Planning Board meeting, the City of Alameda Planning Board was set to discuss a CEQA negative declaration on a proposed density bonus law ordinance. Then, the Alameda Sun published a cover story about the density bonus law ordinance, and the Nov. 10th Planning Board meeting was cancelled. The density bonus law [...]

Is Calthorpe the new Copperfield?

Putting David Copperfield to shame, last week SunCal hired-gun planning guru Peter Calthorpe, before a live audience in Alameda City Council chambers and dozens watching at home on TV and the Internet, waved his hand and made 2,000 homes at Alameda Point just disappear.


Alameda Point for People not Profits

Dear Editor,

We think there are better uses for Alameda Point than the SunCal plan. We have a VISION for a PUBLIC LAND TRUST, like the San Francisco Presidio.


Control of Alameda Point Development Slipping Away From Alameda

At tonight’s Alameda Re-use and Redevelopment Authority (ARRA) meeting, Alameda City Council seems set to transfer more control over the development of Alameda Point to New York based hedge fund D.E. Shaw.


SunCal’s 2008 Concept for Alameda Point Released

SunCal has released their concept for Alameda Point. As expected, they have ignored the potential to use the California State Density Bonus Law to cluster housing for transit-oriented-development, and their timeline does not note the need to put the question of an exemption to Measure A for Alameda Point to a vote.

High Density and Number of Sworn Officers

The next logical thing (and easiest, frankly, because the data is already close at hand) is to examine the relationship between density and the relative strength of police agencies in Alameda and other Alameda County cities.


Some More Analysis of FBI Crime Data

It seems intuitive from our personal experiences in the Bay area that higher density and higher urbanization will bring more crime to Alameda. The FBI, in the forward to their 2007 Crime in the U.S. report lists density and degree of urbanization as one of the factors that influence type and volume of crime. But [...]

FBI Acknowledges Density, Urbanization Play a Role in Crime

In his letter to the Alameda Re-use and Redevelopment Board (ARRA) meeting of September 10th, Transportation Commission Chair John Knox White asserted that “Reviews of the FBI’s crime data show no relationship between density and crime.” But data released on September 15th, and a forward to that data suggest otherwise.