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IATSE Local 169 Projectionists Union Picket Alameda Theater Again

Armed with flyers and a letter from their attorney, projectionists form I.A.T.S.E. Local 169 picketed the Alameda Theater again last night less than a month after Theater management placed one of their members under citizen’s arrest for trespassing.


Alameda Theater Still Not Delivering on Retail Sales Tax Promise

Boosters of the cineplex attached to the Alameda Theater and the butt-ugly seven-story parking garage – imagine! a seven story parking garage in a town that preaches public transit and non-automobile alternatives! – promised that the development would generate a retail sales tax boon for City coffers. Another quarter has passed, another city staff report [...]

Former Central Cinema Owner May Re-Open Parkway Theater

According to, Mark Haskett, the former owner of Central Cinema in Alameda, is in discussions with the landlords for the Parkway Theater, with a view to potentially re-open it.


Mark Haskett of Alameda Central Cinema Fame to Run Oakland’s Parkway Theater?

According to the East Bay Express, Mark Haskett is in the running to take over Oakland’s closed Parkway Theater. Readers may remember that Haskett was squeezed out of his Alameda Central Cinema location last year when the Alameda Theater and Cineplex opened.

Revitalize Alameda Point – Unconfirmed: Alameda City Council to Modify SunCal Initiative and Put it On November Ballot

Update, 6:00pm, June 27th, 2009: Response from Kate Quick, President of the Alameda League of Women Voters:

Well, there is some editorializing and a bit of opinion in Bill’s statement. But essentially, the dialogue did take place, and Lena did say that due to some changes in the conditions now in discussions with the Navy, [...]

El Cerrito, Oakland Speakeasy Theaters Close

The East Bay Express is reporting that the two-theater “Speakeasy Theaters” chain has now closed both their Oakland Theater and their El Cerrito Theater.


More Info on Alameda Quarterly Sales Tax Reports – Charts and Graphs!

As promised, here is some more analysis, including a couple of graphs, of Alameda’s Quarterly Sales Tax report, for the quarter ended December 31, 2008, which is the most recent data available from the State. City staff will present the report to Council tonight.


Parking Garage, Cineplex Not Stemming Sales Tax Decline

According to an Alameda city staff report to be presented to City Council tonight, in the 4th Quarter of 2008, the Park Street South of Lincoln sales tax district suffered a 15.3% decline in sales tax revenue compared to the same quarter the previous year.


Video Maniacs Settlement Costs City of Alameda $540,000

The Alameda Megaplex and Civic Center Parking Structure just keeps costing the City of Alameda more money. We just received a copy of an agreement to settle a lawsuit between the City of Alameda and the owners of Video Maniacs, who had their property at the corner of Oak and Central Ave. taken from them [...]

Revitalize Alameda Point – Background On The Paid Signature Gatherers

Thank you to Michele Ellson of The Island for tracking down this report on the abuses of paid-signature gatherers, including Arno Political Consulting, the group providing the pen people here in Alameda. Here are a couple of excerpts from the report on questionable tactics used by Arno – some of which Alameda residents may recognize.