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Mother Has Unanswered Questions on Anniversary of Son’s Death

by Tammy Sorensen

As the one year anniversary of my 13 year old son Brandon Sorensen’s death approaches, there are many questions still left unanswered and some rumors I’d like to clarify. Since the tragic day of May 16th, 2011, I struggle every day with what happened and how the case was handled.


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Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars

City Staff: Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars by Eugenie Thomson, P.E.

Have you ever said to yourself, I wish bureaucrats understood real money? Or thought, why does City Hall make things so complicated and expensive?


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Residents Comment on City of Alameda Budget Issues

Opinion-Editorial signed by various Alameda residents.

The City of Alameda is facing the most serious budget crisis in its history. The financial commitments to the firefighters’ union and other unions in the long-range budget currently before the council represent 70 to 80 percent of the total. If this future gross overspending is not resolved immediately, […]

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Firefighters Comment on City of Alameda Budget Issues

Opinion-Editorial by Domenick Weaver, President of Alameda Firefighters

Citizens of Alameda and beyond,

As we once again enter the process of developing the budget of the City of Alameda, many questions have been raised about the fiscal practices and management of the City. Some questions have arisen about public safety contracts and post employment benefits. […]

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But Wait! There’s More!! Know the Deal Before You Buy SunCal’s Plan

Commentary by DL Morrison

It’s a safe bet that most people in Alameda know what a sales pitch is. The more costly the item and the more extravagant the promises, the more skeptical we become. SunCal and its supporters have been touting a grab bag of amenities in support of SunCal’s plan for a massive […]

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Call for Performance Review and Termination for Fire Chief David Kapler

by Denise Lai

I almost missed the June 16 City Council meeting that became one of the most significant this year! I tuned in at home when Fire Chief Kapler was answering questions about a recent Bay Farm Island fire in which two firefighters sustained significant burns. I was taken aback at the glib and […]

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Alameda Fire Department Hazardous Materials Policies Found Lacking by Alameda Resident

By Liz Williams. Liz Williams is an Alameda resident. You can read more about the fallout from the FISC fire at this website.

After several weeks of playing cat and mouse with the city attorney and the fire marshal, I received a copy of the Alameda Fire Department’s policies last week. I requested them […]

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Alameda Firefighters Speak Out on Brownouts

Many of you who live and work in Alameda have been seeing posters, door hangers, and information pieces highlighting the potential decreases in Fire and Emergency services being considered by the City Council. The council is struggling with budget challenges that are indicative of the global economic turmoil, as well as the fallout of poor […]

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