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Should backyard farmers be permitted to kill dogs that attack chickens? Action Alameda News would like to hear from you.

Revitalize Alameda Point – Unconfirmed: Alameda City Council to Modify SunCal Initiative and Put it On November Ballot

Update, 6:00pm, June 27th, 2009: Response from Kate Quick, President of the Alameda League of Women Voters:

Well, there is some editorializing and a bit of opinion in Bill’s statement. But essentially, the dialogue did take place, and Lena did say that due to some changes in the conditions now in discussions with the [...]

Revitalize Alameda Point – Background On The Paid Signature Gatherers

Thank you to Michele Ellson of The Island for tracking down this report on the abuses of paid-signature gatherers, including Arno Political Consulting, the group providing the pen people here in Alameda. Here are a couple of excerpts from the report on questionable tactics used by Arno – some of which Alameda residents may recognize.


SunCal Discussions With AC Transit on Alameda Point Transportation Plan Only “Conceptual” To Date

At a recent presentation to the local Sierra Club transportation committee, SunCal’s hired planning guru Peter Calthorpe presented, as part of his Alameda Point presentation, the Fehr & Peers traffic study numbers in the Alameda Point Transit-Oriented-Alternatives Report, but then promptly backed away from them saying “These aren’t my numbers.” It’s obvious SunCal has done [...]

Blast From the Past – Escape from Alameda Point

We stumbled across an old East Bay Express article from 2001, talking about the much-ridiculed proposal for gondolas to carry people from Alameda Point over the Estuary.


Sierra Club Passes Resolution Supporting Complete Restoration of Contaminated Property at Alameda Point

Earlier this week, the Sierra Club passed a resolution supporting complete restoration of contaminated property and creation of a national wildlife refuge at Alameda Point.


Alameda City Council to Consdider Certifying FEIR for new Transportation Element

Tonight at the Alameda City Council meeting, Council will consider a recommendation from the City Manager to certify a final environmental impact report (FEIR) and approve the proposed draft Transportation Element.


The Week Kicks-off With Posey Tube Congestion

The second week of the new year started off with a slow Monday morning commute for Alameda’s West-end residents. Traffic entering the Posey Tube into downtown Oakland was slow to stop-and-go during the eight o’clock hour.

Letter of Support for a Public Land Trust for Alameda Point

Dear Editor,

This email is to Alameda City Council and Local Newspapers:

I am writing to each of you because I cannot attend this coming Wednesday’s January 7th City Council meeting regarding SunCal’s plans for Alameda Point but wish to express my concern regarding SunCal’s proposal.


Has Our City Council Gone Over The Edge?

Dear Editor,

With regard to the proposed $700 million in redevelopment bond subsidies to SunCal to build 4500 homes on a base that is so toxic that the City trucks drinking water to their own offices. Has our City Council gone over the edge? Are they completely out of touch with reality, or are they [...]

Alameda Planning Board Future Agenda Items

From the information packet for the Monday, October 27, City of Alameda Planning Board meeting.