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City Manager Salaries for Bay Area Cities

On September 23rd, 2010, the San Francisco Chronicle published a summary of compensation for City Managers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Chronicle published the name of the city, total compensation package including salary and benefits for the city manager, and the population of the city.

We have normalized that data into a per-capita figure – total city manager compensation $ per 10,000 residents. This provides a better comparison of city manager comparison from city to city than raw compensation figures. (We have discarded the data for Palo Alto, because the Chronicle’s number reflected salary only, and not total compensation.)

According to the data, total compensation for Alameda’s city manager, (circa September, 2010) at $38,144 / 10,000 residents ranks below the average of $43,295 / 10,000 residents, and barely below the median of $33,328 / 10,000 residents.

City Manager Salary Data

City Manager Salaries - $ / 10,000 residents

10 comments to City Manager Salaries for Bay Area Cities

  • Interesting. But would be even more interesting if this compared their salary based on the city’s tax revenue.

  • The rule of thumb in California is that a city’s general fund budget is about $10,000 per resident. Alameda, with 75,000 residents, has a general fund budget of about $80 million.

  • James

    So what’s the point? This still doesn’t justify her salary.

  • How much do you think she deserves?

    According to the Contra Costa times 2009 Salary Database, Gallant’s base pay is $181,000

  • Hot R

    She’ll be gone after the election as I predicted, along with our incompetent City Attorney. Thanks so much for wasting $100,000 on the Tam fiasco and opening the door to the SunCal suit.

    The hit piece mailer was clearly unfair, but I have to admit she does kind of look like a relative of the Rizzo, the jailed Bell city manager. And now we learn she makes $40,000 more than the manager of San Francisco? Who sets her salary, Beverly Johnson? Combine that with the philandering fire chief and we have quite a crew, don’t we?

  • The SunCal suits are meritless and are intended only to give a SunCal-backed City Council something to “settle” in December…

  • Barb

    Hot R? Great then TAM, BONTA and GILMORE can hire another Flint and or Kurita and Korade. My personal opinion, having been there on the City Council, and an attorney, is that the current CA is better than anyone we have had in the last 20 years. So good luck in finding, hiring, and executing a contract within reason of anyone so competent. And Gallant’s contract as an Interim City Manager, does not include the perks/benefits of a permanent employee. And she too is more competent than anyone except the CM that I voted to promote, and hire from within, Bill Norton. And she may be as good as he was, only time will tell. Her trials are certainly more spectacular: Catching a cheating, dishonest City Councilmember sending confidential emails to SUNCAL? And to GILMORE? And their only defense is that she is out to get them? Goodness! Let’s all sit back and watch as the world turns. In 15 years, we will all be sitting around saying what kind of bloody idiots let SUNCAL back after HIGHSMITH and GALLANT had the courage to actually do the jobs they were paid to do?? TAM BONTA and GILMORE will all become curse words or worse!!! Well BONTA that or TAM this, or GILMORE all to hell!!

  • Joel

    Should anyone City of alameda wages , an apprentice, yes apprentice lineman make over $ 100 000.00 ??? an entry level Firefighter $130 000.00 mr Weaver the one that say all hell will broke loose if the AFD does not handle the paramedic EMT up to $298 000.00 , Paper grade Captain Weaver however does not mind at all having any Alameda’s finest being transported to Hospital by independent Ambulance , no one complained good service from private Co.
    The truth is top wages for these Private EMT $70 000.00 and no lifetime retirement at the tax payers expenses .
    Now should anyone be looking for Real Captains , look no further than ten of thousands Brave American that really put their lives on the line in Irak and Afganistan , most very healthy and capable of doing our firefighters jobs for a lot cheaper , since most came back home without a job ,it is time to reward effort .
    Anyone with the guts of Former President Ronald Reagan to decertify the Firefighters Union and pour these fund in the school system?

  • Today, October 24, 2010, I got another hit piece in the mail excoriating DeHaan, Johnson and Mataress for agreeing to a 2-year “almost $600,000” contract for Ann Marie Gallant. The mysterious Taxpayer Network sent the mailer and it has the same tired line they’ve used before: “This contract pays Gallant more than the City Manager of San Francicso.”

    My honest reaction? The City Manager of San Francisco is underpaid.

    If the SF City manager also single-handedly turns their city hall around and sniffs out a financially ruinous land-grab by a company desperate to avoid non-existence, if that SF city manager provides that kind of value, then, yeah, they should make as much or more as Ann Marie Gallant. But let’s not penalize our fantastic Interim City Manager by playing the statistics game with another city’s choices. IMO, Ann Marie belongs at the top of this pay scale, not firmly in the middle of it.

    There is real rot in our city and current city council members. Ann Marie is dong a fabulous job rooting it out.

  • Gretchen Lipow

    Let’s look a few blocks away to our publicly funded
    hospital. $300.00 a year per parcel. There you will
    find a CEO that makes $400K a year. How did that happen?
    Who was on the board that made that decision?
    Why aren’t they yelling about that amount?

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