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AUSD Tax Bond Measure
We urge you to vote ‘no’ – no more debt! The school district still owes more than $170 million on the Measure C bonds from 2004, which, despite the objections of upstanding citizens who questioned the wisdom of issuing $63 million in bonds that translate into $176 million in repayments that run to the year 2036, because repayment was deferred for 10 years. You see this debt expense on your tax bill, under ‘Voter Approved Debt – School Unified.’

AUSD has *17 school campuses* for less than 10,000 students. Rather than asking taxpayers to take on more debt, AUSD needs to consolidate its facilities.

For the 2014 Alameda General Election, Save Our City! Alameda endorses the following positions and candidates.

Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees
It is expected the Mike McMahon will run for another term. In February, 2013, Mr. McMahon said that the role of the board is not to listen to the people. We think it’s time for him to go. McMahon has done too much damage to taxpayers and residents already. For example, Mike McMahon approved the Measure C bonds, which have ballooned from $63 million in debt to $176 million.

Alameda City Council

Alameda Health Care District

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