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Have you submitted your latest rent increase data to the rent increase survey?

Mastick Meeting Not a Formal Council Meeting If you buy Levitra 20 mg online, you will have a chance to save money. The package containing 10 pills will cost you in most drugstores online about $4 per pill, the package of 10 pills is the most expensive: it costs about $40.

Some city officials met today at Mastick Center […]

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Resiliency Negotiations Can’t Bounce Back from Incompatible Visions

The City of Alameda won’t be receiving a resiliency program grant from the Rockefeller Foundation after all.

The Rockefeller Foundation and the City of Alameda couldn’t agree on a vision for putting to use a previously announced $280,000 “resilient city” grant. Consequently, no grant will be forthcoming, the City of Alameda announced today.


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City to Ask Rockefeller Foundation for $280,000 for Resiliency Grant

The City of Alameda hopes to negotiation a $280,000 Rockefeller grant to fund a city resiliency program. (File photo.)

City of Alameda officials plan to ask the Rockefeller Foundation for $280,000, pursuant to a “resilient city” award announced in December. The item comes before city council tonight.


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City of Alameda to Receive Unspecified Grant Amount for Being a Resilient City

List of the first 33 of an expected 100 resilient cities.

The City of Alameda and the Rockefeller Foundation have announced that Alameda is the first of 33 cities worldwide to join the foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities network. As part of the honor, Alameda is to receive a grant to fund the hiring of […]

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