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Alameda Police Consider All License Plate Scan Data to be Intelligence Information, Supporting Criminal Investigations

The Alameda Police department considers license plate scan data to be “intelligence information.”

Just by legally driving your own car in Alameda and having it scanned by an automated license plate reader (ALPR) makes you the subject of a criminal investigation, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. That’s the upshot of a letter […]

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Alameda Police Seek Automated License Plate Reader Technology

Alameda City Manager John Russo is hoping to secure, at the October 1st City Council meeting, that body’s approval to seek grant funding and ultimately purchase Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology for the Alameda Police Department.


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Alameda Suspends Park Street Construction During Holidays

Caving to pressure from merchants, Alameda City Manager John Russo announced today that city-sponsored construction is suspended for the month of December. The action follows an uproarious meeting on November 9th concerning the removal of trees along Alameda’s main shopping boulevard.

According to a City of Alameda announcement, construction work on Park Street will stop […]

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