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City Sponsoring Holiday Retail Job Fair

The City of Alameda is sponsoring a holiday job fair. (File Photo)

The City of Alameda is co-sponsoring a retail job fair for temporary holiday-season and permanent positions available at the Alameda Landing and South Shore Shopping Centers.


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Planning Board Sympathetic to Use Change for Final Alameda Landing Parcel

The planning board on Monday was sympathetic to Catellus’ request to change development plans for the final Alameda Landing parcel. (File Photo)

The planning board was generally sympathetic on Monday night to a request from Catellus to shift away from exclusive commercial use for its final 41-acre parcel at Alameda Landing.


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Alameda Landing Affordable Housing Project to Break Ground Next Week

Ground is expected to break next week on a 32-unit family housing project at Alameda Landing. (Artist Rendering)

Resources for Community Development (RCD) and the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda (HACA) will break ground next Wednesday on a 32-unit affordable housing family-unit project at Alameda Landing.


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City to Issue Mello Roos Bonds for Alameda Landing Infrastructure

The City of Alameda is expected to levy a special tax on Alameda Landing residential properties. (File Photo)

Tomorrow night, Alameda City Council is expected to approve a resolution that would create a Mello-Roos tax district at Alameda Landing and allow the city to issue up to $20 million in bonds to pay for infrastructure […]

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Alameda’s Target Store Opened for Business Today

Alameda’s Target store opened today. (File Photo)

Alameda’s Target store, at Alameda Landing, opened for business this afternoon. A grand opening has been set for October 13th.

Public Works Projects Drag On

The closure of southbound Mariner Square Loop has extended beyond the projected date on this crude sign. (Action Alameda News)

The closure of southbound Mariner Square Loop has extended well beyond the date posted on a crude sign earlier this year.


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Job Readiness Training in Advance of 200+ Target Jobs

The City of Alameda is sponsoring a retail job readiness training event in anticipation of the opening of Target at Alameda Landing. (Action Alameda News)

The City of Alameda is sponsoring a retail job readiness training in anticipation of the opening of a Target store at Alameda Landing, which is expected to create from 200 […]

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Alameda Landing Homes Up for Review

On May 13th, the Planning Board will entertain a design review of 253 homes planned for Alameda Landing. (Action Alameda News)

At Monday’s City of Alameda Planning Board meeting, planning department staff will present a design review for the 253 housing units already approved for Alameda Landing, in the West-end of town, near 5th Street […]

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Alameda City Council Approves Grocery Component for Alameda Landing

Safeway wants to join Target at Alameda Landing. (Action Alameda News)

By Erica Madison

“Lucky’s has a tendency to take customers for granted, but competition may make that tendency disappear,” Mayor Gilmore said at a recent City Council meeting.


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Southbound Mariner Square Loop Closed Due to Target Construction

The road alongside Alameda Landing, where a new Target store is being constructed, is subject to a two-month lane closure beginning today. (Action Alameda News)

Hand-written signs behind the Webster and Posey Tube portals on the Alameda sign warn of a more than two-month lane closure alongside the Alameda Landing construction site.


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