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Public Utilities Board Approves $64.8 million Budget for Alameda Municipal Power

The City of Alameda’s Public Utilities Board has approved a $64.8 million budget for Alameda Municipal Power for the upcoming year.(File Photo)

Earlier this week, the City of Alameda Public Utilities Board approved a $64.8 million budget for Alameda Municipal Power, the city-owned electric utility.


Electric Rates Going Up

The City of Alameda’s Public Utilities Board approved an electric rate increase this week.(File Photo)

Earlier this week, the City of Alameda’s Public Utilities Board unanimously approved the fourth year of Alameda Municipal Power’s five-year rate hike plan. The overall average rate increase is 3.25 percent, and will go into effect July 1st.


Alameda Municipal Power Gets State Ranking

Alameda Municipal Power announced today that RKS Research & Consulting has found through a survey that the utility’s overall customer satisfaction score of 88 percent ranks it ahead of the average score of 66 percent among municipal utilities in the state.

RKS completed a statewide survey in July, 2012, after which the City of Alameda-owned [...]

Alameda Municipal Power Warns of Telephone Scam Targeting Businesses

Alameda Municipal Power is warning local businesses about a telephone scam. (File Photo)

Alameda Municipal Power was warning local businesses today about a telephone scam aimed at duping customers into making payments to a fraudulent party.


Alameda Goes Green: AMP Offers New Renewable Energy Option

By Erica Madison

Alameda City joins Oakland, Berkeley San Francisco, Richmond, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and Marin in offering a 100% renewable energy option.

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is rolling out a new Alameda Green program. Effective August 8th, 2012 consumers can opt in to purchase wind and solar power. The new program will cost [...]

Alameda Municipal Power Budget Workshop, Rate Increase, Next Monday

Alameda Municipal Power, a city-owned utility, will host a public budget workshop next Monday, April 16, in advance of finalizing its 2012/2013 fiscal year budget.


Alameda Municipal Power Says Birds and Balloons Cause of Last Night’s Power Outages

Alameda Municipal Power spokesperson Bill Garvine said that birds and mylar balloons were the cause of power blips and outages that affected Alameda last night.


Alameda Public Utilities Board to Consider Sale of a Portion of Alameda Power’s Renewable Energy

After its special meeting on Monday, Alameda’s Public Utilities Board with convene a regular meeting, wherein it will consider a short-term sale of some of the utility’s renewable energy.


Alameda Municipal Power Annual Strategy Workshop Monday, January 30th

The City of Alameda Public Utilities Board will hold a special meeting on Monday to participate in an annual strategy workshop with Alameda Municipal Power (AMP).


Fight Looms on Renewable Power

A local environmental group is opposed to plan by Alameda Municipal Power to reduce the amount of power from renewable resources that the utility provides, and raise money by selling renewable energy credits.



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