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WWII-era B-25 Flyover Wows Crowd at Alameda Point

A WWII era B-25 bomber does a flyover pass at Alameda Point on the 75th anniversary of the launch of the Doolittle raid on Tokyo. (Action Alameda News)

A three-circuit flyover of a WWII-era B-25 bomber, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the retaliatory Doolittle raid on Tokyo in 1942, wowed crowds at Alameda Point […]

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Bomber Flyover to Commemorate WWII Doolittle Raid

The USS Hornet Museum is a ship named after the prior USS Hornet which supported the Doolittle raid on Tokyo in WWII. (File photo.)

This Saturday, in conjunction with the Alameda Naval Air Museum, a restored WWII-era B-25 bomber will do a low-level flyover at Alameda Point, to commemorate the retaliatory Doolittle raid on Tokyo […]

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