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Save Our City! Alameda Releases Alternate Plan for Alameda Point

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, March 19, 2009

Save Our City! Alameda Releases Alternate Development Plan for Alameda Point


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Save Our City! Alameda Press Conference Sparks Media Coverage

A press conference yesterday at Alameda Point held by Save Our City! Alameda has sparked local mass media coverage on radio and TV stations.


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Alameda Sun Op-ed Piece Supporting Public Trust Idea

Be sure to read the Alameda Sun’s December 25th Op-ed piece by Dennis Green, arguing the case of a public land trust at Alameda Point, instead of SunCal’s plans for houses.

See Pat Bail Online on the Don Roberts Show

See community activist Pat Bail on the December 10th, 2008 Don Roberts Show. Don talks with Pat about youth sports, SunCal, Alameda Point and retirement.

Land Trust for Alameda Point? Yes We Can.

Here’s news of a new land trust in Sonoma county, encompassing space that was designated to build homes. We could do it for Alameda Point too.