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City Grants Point Developer An Extension

Alameda Point Partners has been granted an extension until April, 2018. (Artists Rendering of proposed building.)

The city of Alameda has granted Alameda Point Partners an extension to develop and submit a financing plan for “Site A” at Alameda Point.


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Alameda Point Developer Needs Time To Settle Finances

The developer for Alameda Point site A is asking the city for my time to settle financing.

Alameda Point Partners, the private developer approved by the City of Alameda for the development of the 68-acre Alameda Point site A, is coming back before city council to ask for more time to finalize finances.


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Council to Consider Two Developer Finalists for 68-acre Alameda Point Parcel

The City of Alameda is considering two developers to develop ‘Site A’ at Alameda Point.

When Alameda City Council returns from August hiatus, it will consider two developers as candidates to build out ‘Site A’ – a 68-acre parcel of land at Alameda Point within the Waterfront Town Center zoning district, slated for mixed-use […]

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