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Two DUI Collisions Halloween Night

Park Street and Webster Street on Halloween night each bore witness to a DUI traffic collision, each resulting in an arrest. Alameda police logs also report three arrests on Halloween night for public intoxication.

West-end Schools Locked-down Yesterday

West-end schools were briefly locked down yesterday as police searched for a minor suspect.

West-end schools were advised to shelter-in-place for about 25 minutes yesterday as police searched for a minor suspected of assault with a deadly weapon.


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Could Sex Assault of Minor Been Prevented?

Screen capture of a July 17th Alameda Police Department Nixle alert, showing a burglary suspect.

Yesterday, the Alameda Police Department issued a warning about west-end burglaries, and notice of a reported sexual assault against a Buena Vista Avenue minor on Sunday morning. The press release included two photographs of a “person of interest” – the […]

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Police Investigate Juvenile Sexual Assault, West-end Burglaries

Alameda police provided this surveillance photo of a person of interest. (Alameda Police Department)

Alameda police are warning residents to close and lock all doors and windows, particularly at night, following the sexual assault of a juvenile, and a string of burglaries.


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Man Arrested at Gunpoint after Car Stop in Alameda

Updated: Jan 15, 1:30pm – Alameda police provided this statement, “An officer received an ALPR hit in her vehicle when driving in the 1500 block of Lincoln Ave. on a stolen car that was going eastbound in the 1500 block Lincoln Ave. The car was stolen from Oakland. A felony vehicle stop was made in […]

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Pimping Raids Touch Alameda

Alameda police assisted the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office yesterday with the service of a search/arrest warrant at a Webster Street address.

A wide-ranging effort by local, State and Federal law enforcement officials yesterday, to rein in pimping, pandering and related illegal activities, touched Alameda yesterday when local police assisted the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department in […]

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Pedestrian, Vehicle Collision, Close Portion of Otis Drive

Update: 4:55 p.m. – Alameda police confirmed via Twitter that the female pedestrian struck by the vehicle is deceased.

In an apparent setback for a newly launched pedestrian safety awareness campaign, Alameda police this morning closed a portion of Otis Drive, between Park Street and Willow Street, in both directions, to investigate an incident.

This […]

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Alameda Police Arrest Three for 2010 Murder

Alameda police have arrested suspects in a 2010 murder.

On September 11, 2010, Eric Franklin, 35, of Alameda, was shot multiple times, and killed, on the 700 block of Eagle Avenue in Alameda. This month, Alameda police arrested three people implicated in his murder.


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Alameda Police Free Falsely Accused Man

A man apparently falsely accused of a child kidnapping has been released from jail by Alameda police.

A 53-year old Alameda man spent the weekend in Santa Rita Jail on what has now apparently been shown to be a false report of an attempted child abduction.


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Alameda Police Confirm Water Rescue of Adult Female at Crown Beach This Evening

Updated: – 3/21/14 1:45 p.m.: An Alameda police department spokesperson told Action Alameda News that a 54 year old woman had entered the water, and subsequently, bystanders observed her a couple hundred yards offshore and apparently in distress, at which point they called 9-1-1. Two Alameda police officers, one trained as a rescue swimmer and […]

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