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Alameda Municipal Power to Raise Electric Rates

Alameda Municipal Power will raise electricity rates 3.7% effective July 1, 2010, following approval of next-year’s budget by the City of Alameda Public Utilities Board.


PUB Considers Renaming Alameda Power & Telecom


Release: IMMEDIATE, January 16, 2009 Contact: M. T. McCabe



City of Alameda Relies on Outside Attorney’s Even as Fire Stations Close

Even as the City of Alameda plans to implement rotating fire station closures (“brownouts”) at the end of this month, the attorney-heavy City of Alameda’s attorney’s office continues to rely on outside law firms to fight the lawsuit with Nuveen over the failure of Alameda Power & Telecom’s division.


Len Grzanka Gives a History of AP&T’s Failed Telecom Division

Since 1998, even before Alameda’s Bureau of Electricity received approval from voters to enter the telecom business, Alameda resident Len Grzanka spoke out against the idea, and raised alarms throughout the years as the telecom division’s losses mounted. The telecom division was sold in November of 2008 for an estimated loss of $60 million, and [...]

The East Bay Express Reports on Alameda Power & Telecom

This week the East Bay Express covers the sale of Alameda Power & Telecom’s Telecom division, and the lawsuits pending.


Action Alameda Chair on Don Roberts Show

See the Chair of Action Alameda talk to Don Roberts, the host of The Don Roberts Show, about Alameda Power & Telecom, Alameda Point, SunCal and redevelopment subsidies.

City Treasurer, Auditor on Alameda Power & Telecom Telecom Sale

As of Friday, November 21st, 2008, the City of Alameda (specifically, Alameda Power & Telecom) is no longer involved in the telecommunications business. After two years of heated debate, detailed evaluations, and public outcry, the telecommunications system has been sold to Comcast for $17 million. Finally, the financial bleeding has stopped.


Correction from Kevin Kennedy Regarding Alameda Power & Telecom

We received a communication from City Auditor Kevin Kennedy regarding a statement attributed to him about Alameda Power & Telecom never being able to sign up enough Cable TV and Internet subscribers to make the Telecom division successful.


City Council Authorizes Sale of AP&T Telecom Business

Release: IMMEDIATE, November 19, 2008 Contact: M. T. Matt McCabe,



$20 Million at Stake in AP&T Bond Lawsuit

Last week, Alameda Power & Telecom announced a deal to sell their Telecom division to Comcast for a nominal offer price of $17 million. They also announced that the City of Alameda is in litigation with holdout bondholders who refused to assent to the sale. $20 million hangs in the balance.